Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cafe Arrington?

There have been rumors swirling that Lavar Arrington is going to buy
the Sports Cafe in down State College. The Collegian's blog, footblog,
actually has some news to report (link below)

Arrington was still playing coy and did not fully confirm that he had
purchased the bar. However, it is clear that big 11 has bought the
Sports Cafe and I find this completely awesome!

I would like to suggest some possible new drinks to be served at Cafe

The QB Killa
A terribly strong brew of 11 types of liquor which could render Troy
Aikman unable to remember his own name.

The Line Leaper:
A jaeger, voldka, and tobasco shot dropped into a Red Bull, guaranteed
to propel you over a hapless Illini offensive line!

Go State! Go Cafe Arrington!


GMan said...

I love the drink ideas!!

We Are...!!

Anonymous said...

I just hope he hasn't partnered up with the former owner Kevin Anderson who owes a lot of people money and can't keep his hand out of the register!