Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Coming To Beaver Stadium This Spring!

A Prom?!?!?!?

The Bellefonte High school will be having their "Senior Ball" in the Mount Nittany Lounge:
The ball on Saturday will be in the stadium’s Mount Nittany Lounge, a $5,000 location on the fourth floor above the south end zone. The lodge serves as a private club during Penn State football games and offers an excellent view of Mount Nittany.
I mean it looks nice, observe:Also, the space seems to be routinely rented out for private functions.

Anybody getting married any time soon?

Could we get Joepa ordained online and have him perform the ceremony?

I mean, Joe made it to my wedding, so why not!



Happy Hour Valley said...

I'm a State College High School grad and had my senior prom in Beaver Stadium several years ago. It was the only time the school ever had its senior prom there, and with good reason. The place is just way too long/narrow, and you have a little tiny dance floor thrown down on the side. There also was a pure lack of tables/chairs to sit on from what I recall as well. The Penn Stater would have been a much better option.

JB said...

I am a State High grad as well (1998). We had ours at a country club. The stadium seems like an odd choice, However, you would have plenty of parking!

PSUgirl said...

Let's see, I'm a State High grad as well - our Senior prom was at the Elks' Club and the Junior prom was at Tussey Mountain.

I've been to the Lounge for an NLC function - and yeah, Joe and Sue were there - I remember it being quite warm, and as mentioned above, cramped.

Now, maybe they'll start renting out the field once Joe is gone.

Nick said...

It's nice on gamedays, but have never been in there for any other occasion

jd said...

you're the one in the middle, right?