Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Student Tickets and Complete Dumbassery

The mechanics of doling out Student Tickets for the 2008 season went through some major changes this year in an effort to make it easier for more senior students to acquire tickets to the games. This is in the response to the absolute online cockfight students went through to get tickets last year where tickets were sold out in under an hour.

Senior tickets went on sale yesterday after a pre-registration process and, from all accounts, everything went smoothly. The Collegian is reporting that 89% of Seniors who wanted tickets in fact got tickets.

The ease of acquiring tickets however seemed to have inspired some complete dumbassery among PSU Seniors:
"I pretty much came back from class, ate lunch, took my time, played the guitar a bit, clicked on Ticketmaster and got the tickets," he said. "It's too good to be true that I can just walk in and get them."--Brian Matthews (senior-labor studies and employment relations)(emphasis added)
Look, pal, I'm glad you got tickets but you aren't really inspiring me with your dedication. You apparently wanted tickets so badly that a sandwich and some fucking guitar took precedence over hopping on the computer and ordering up season tickets to the greatest spectacle in college sports? I mean, the fucking guitar? This seems like an absolute Belushi-situation.



jd said...

well put.

remember when we used to get the applications via mail? I got that shit in immediately.

JB said...

Yeah. I mean, I am tempted to say this kid's tickets should be taken away on principle. plucking away on my guitar or get seats to some awesome footbal games? tough call.

Plus, great job Collegian. Way to find a really fired up student who is amped to see the game. fuck.