Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baker and Taylor Are Gone

FOS is reporting that Joe has dismissed Chris Baker and Phil Taylor from the team. Both guys are solid on the field and are nogoodnicks off the field. This only comes as a surprise regarding the timing of the dismissals as both players seemed more ripe for dismissal several months ago. It is peculiarly close to the OTL report which trashed Joe and the program for being a haven for hoodlums. However, I just don't see Joe being this reactionary to the OTL piece.

As for the impact on the field, both players are defensive tackles and Penn State will certainly miss them in the middle of the D-line. However, if PSU were going to lose players the defensive line is the place to do it. The Lions will still have a deep rotation for the defensive line so these dismissals don't spell disaster for PSU.

What will be interesting to see is whether these dismissals are permanent or if one or both players will be welcomed back into the fold in a couple of weeks.

For another take, head on over to Nittany White Out.


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Devon Edwards said...

I'll get killed for saying this, but, as a Penn State student, I could care less about their off-field issues. I know firsthand what ANY college age kids do and honestly, what they've done isn't so bad, compared to some of the shit you see everyday.

I'm not suggesting they get a free pass, but I'd like to see them get back with the team, because I care more about Penn State football than how these kids learn a lesson. As long as they meet NCAA requirements for academics, and don't commit a particularly heinous crime, I could care less.

And all the underage drinking charges are pretty funny, considering Penn State actually sends out a bulletin advising students (most of whom are under 21) on safe drinking tips.

Football should be the #1 priority.