Friday, August 01, 2008

Coaches Poll Is Out!

USA Today released the 2008 preseason coaches poll and PSU is on there! WOOOOO!

The Lions are sitting at #22 directly behind the Bulls of South Florida and just ahead of Michigan who clocks in at #24. This really brings us to how the Big Ten faired in the polls.

The Big Ten has five teams in the top twenty five; Ohio State (3), Wisconsin (12), Illinois (19), PSU (22), and Michigan (24). Not bad, I agree with the teams on the list but not necessarily the order. I would put PSU, Wisconsin, and Illinois much closer together. I don't see Wisconsin being 10 spots better than PSU this year. Also, how did the Illinis get better this year? They didn't. So I'd go Ohio State (3), PSU (15), Illinois (16), Wisconsin (17).

Also, by my count, the SEC has five teams in the top 25 just like the Big Ten. Albeit, the SEC teams are generally ranked more highly. The average rank of the SEC teams is 8.2 compared to the Big 10s of 16. No, I don't think it is that big a difference. No, I'm not a moron. YOU ARE!

The Pac 10 brings a measly 3 teams to the top 25.

The Big 12 has five ranked teams also (avg. Rank of 9.6)

ACC has 3 teams ranked.

Big East has 2 two teams ranked.

As such, it seems clear that the coaches think the SEC and Big 12 are the cream of college football this year and that the Big 10 is good but not a great conference. We then have the rest of the lower conferences (PAC-10, ACC, Big East, etc.)


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