Friday, August 22, 2008

Cornerbacks, Looking Back, and Signs The Students Are Back!

The CDT has a piece up on Tony Davis (11), Davis talks about his move from Corner to Safety and now back to Corner. They also touch on Drew Astorino who is quickly becoming an underground cult hero.

You should be excited about Astorino because the guys on the team are excited about Astorino:
“Tough as nails, probably the best athlete in our secondary,” is the way Scirrotto described Astorino.

“I can go on and on about that kid,” Scirrotto added. “He’s definitely going to be playing a big role in our secondary this year. He has a bright future in front of him, I know that. He’s only going to show glimpses of what he’s capable of doing.”

Also, over at the PTR, we learn that the defense is as fired up as you should be about the upcoming season.

"We don't look at Ohio State or Michigan or any of those guys and say, 'Ooh, we've got to go play Ohio State,' " he said. "Our mentality is they've got to play us."
You might be a nay-sayer about this year's team but you have to like that kind of attitude. THIS IS WHAT I LIKE TO SEE!

I also would like to see some more of this:

6oz glass, 2oz glass, carbon fiber reinforcements, foam core, UV and Blue LEDs. Wired with switches for 6 cup or 10 cup. Nerds...
(from CollegeHumor)

The fall is officially here! I am fired up! BRING ON FOOTBALL!



Anonymous said...

Umm..... When you lose nine straight to m*ch*g*n, and can't beat Ohio State in Columbus, and lost badly to them last year - yeah, you have to go play them.

JB said...

The road to a Big Ten Title obviously runs through Columbus this year. However, you have to like the fire the players have.