Friday, August 08, 2008

Football Podcasts: My Growing Addiction

With the season fast approaching Football related podcasts are getting back into full swing and I could not be happier. Recently, I have found that when I plug in the ipod I reach for one of several football related podcasts instead of music. So, if you are looking for a way to fill that tough commute in the morning or for something to listen to while walking your dog/s, might I suggest the following:

I tune in for every show and have been doing so for well over a year. Spencer Hall and Peter Bean are your hosts but they will readily admit that the callers are the stars. The callers, by the way, have gotten really good over the last couple of weeks: Phil Steele and SMQ to name a few though there has been a definite lack of the Rajun Cajun Rebel. But what is great about this podcast is that you get to hear some of your favorite bloggers talk about college football. The best part of this show, like the best part of college football, is the rivalries between callers and hosts. It makes the show that much more colorful and fucking awesome. A Siren for you, sirs!

ESPNU College Football Insider:
Is hosted by Ivan Maisel and always accompanied by Beano Cook. Now, despite the fact that Maisel has a monotone voice and an uptight on-air personality, this show is very entertaining. I what I would want out of this show is for it to loosen up a little. They do allow bloggers on the show. Not good bloggers, rather, they have their own in-house ESPN pseudo-bloggers call in from time to time. I wish they would look around for some other voices to be on the show. The show is passionless and stale but Ivan and Beano know a fucking ton about college football and its history. For that alone it is worth tuning in.

Blue White Podcast:
Mike Wolf is running the show over there. He and (does Ryan Chadwick still do the show?) hosts the show which focuses entirely on Penn State football. They have not yet begun posting shows for the 2008 season but promise more are coming soon. If memory serves they usually do two shows a week, one is a wrap-up of the prior week and the other is a preview of the week to come for the Lions. The guys are great and their is definitely some good content there but their interaction with the blogosphere is next to nothing. I would do the show in a heart beat as I'm sure BSD, RUTS, TNL and pretty much any other Penn State blogger would.

The Penn State Football Podcast:
Tony Pittman and Phil Collins host this show (recognize the names?) and bring great insight to the show because of their status as ex-players. They seem to have a good idea of what is going on with the team. However, the shows seemed to disappear in November of last year and their hasn't been one since. I don't know if they will be back or not but Tony, if you are reading, fire that show back up!

In the way of non-college football related shows I also listen to:

ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football:
Matt and Nate are great.

ESPN: Football Today
A little over the top for me but they do have good content. If you are not a fan of the Jim Rome genre than this might not be the show for you.


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Kevin McGuire said...

I've been listening to a couple of those podcasts in the off season. I started listening to podcasts just in the last few months with my new job environment. I love it. I can't wait for the season to really get going and listen to these podcasts throughout the season.