Saturday, August 30, 2008

Penn State Rules and Pitt Makes Me Happy

PSU came through in a major way today. The offense looked great. Might we all have to eat a giant sandwich of crow and kow tow to Jaypa? The defense looked shaky. Weird.

I'll post a detailed reaction on Monday or Tuesday, however, now is the time to wallow in Pitt's suffering. Bowling green just gave them a slap in the face beating the Panthers 27-17.

The schadenfreude doesn't get any better than this. Pitt has been getting to big for their britches recently and this will hopefully quiet them for a while. However, I hope they keep Wanny around. After all, I don't want Pitt to ever be a good team which means keeping Wannstedt their will certainly accomplish that goal.



jd said...

has mark may soberred up yet?

Anonymous said...

looking forward to your detailed analysis of the defense.