Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why The PSU Defense Will Be Better Than (insert your team here)

Tom. Fucking. Bradley.

There has been some speculation that maybe, just maybe, with all the injuries/losses during the off-season it may be Penn State's defense which drops the ball in 2008. Those of you who think that way are fools. You are fools because Penn State has Tom Bradley, the greatest defensive coordinator in all the land!

This is because Bradley's defense has been one of the fifteen best defenses in the country for the past four years. This includes the 2004 season when Penn State's offense was more inept than a Michigan Alum.

I know that this year is the first year where the linebacking corps has seen a serious interruption in the line of dominant players. This is a call for concern. Especially when you consider the losses along the defensive front this spring. If the defensive line is incapable of keeping linemen off of the linebackers it could be a very long season. However, if PSU's depleted defensive line can let the linebackers run free you can count on Penn State having one of the best defenses in the country this year.

Why do I think the D-line can keep the LBs free to roam? Tom Bradley and LJSR. They are great coaches who will have the big boys ready to roll!

Go State!

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