Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blogosphere Fallout From Early Success

Penn State has soared up the polls during the first four weeks of play. This meteoric rise is fueled with blow-out victories of lesser opponents. However, we are now starting to see some fallout from Penn State's early success around the blogosphere.

It started the other day with the BBC calling Penn State overrated, now, we have Hugging Harold Reynolds saying this:
5. And Speaking of Octogenarian Coaches . . .*

I have no idea if Penn State is any good. Yes, they’re putting up monster statistics. Sixth in total offense. Third in scoring offense. Seventh in rushing and total defense. Ninth in scoring defense. But for all that, does anyone really have any idea how good Penn State is? Their four opponents thus far (Coastal Carolina, Oregon State, Syracuse and Temple) aren’t exactly murderer’s row (a combined 5-10). To date, Penn State hasn’t been tested, let alone challenged. And frankly, I just don’t think I believe the hype. Admittedly, they’ve gotten solid if unspectacular play from QB Darryl Clark (7 TDs, 1 INT). But we’ll see how he responds under pressure—the Nittany Lions’ next three games get a lot more challenging as they have Illinois, @ Purdue and @ Wisconsin. If they can run that gauntlet, I’ll be a believer. But I’m not holding my breath.
Hype? We are suddenly getting hyped? Of course Penn State hasn't played any big time teams yet. I don't think anyone will try to say that Penn State's first four opponents are terribly good. However, isn't this what your supposed to do against bad team? If you are a good team aren't you supposed to blow out lesser opponents? If Penn State loses this weekend will any criticism of "overrated" and "overhyped" be fair? Absolutely. As it stands right now, Penn State looks like a dominant team worthy of their #12 ranking.

Penn State is going to beat Illinois this weekend. In fact, I think PSU is going to win by more than 20 pts. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


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