Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blue-White Roundtable, Week of ILLINOIS!

We are all back for our weekly roundtable.  This is an exciting week as many questions will be answered about this football team.  The questions, posed by The Nittany Line, and myanswers are below but please visit our other participants this week.

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*warning - painfully obvious question alert* Penn State gets its first 'real' test this weekend facing a ranked opponent when the Fighting [None-Offensive-Mascot]s come to town.   Gaze into your crystal ball and give us a short description on how Saturday night's events will unfold.  Or if you're lazy just fire up NCAA 2009 and tell us what the Xbox thinks.

I think it will be all Penn State after the Illinois score a TD on their first drive.  Illinois is coming off of a by week and will have a good set of scripted plays to open up the game.  I think these first 10 plays will get them into the endzone.  After that first score, however, it is going to be Penn State all day.  I was worried about Temple because I thought the team was getting complacent, I don't think complacency will be a problem for PSU with a prime time game and the Whitehouse in full effect.

 Saturday's game is on the big stage at 8:00 with most of the football world watching.  It's a white out and Penn State is favored by two scores (as of Monday).  Is this a lose-lose situation (the only way they could look good is by winning big) for Penn State or golden opportunity to show the world what the Spread HD is all about?

I think this is a golden opportunity.  People seem ready to believe in Penn State all they need is for the Lions to beat a ranked opponent and everybody will be on board.  I think Penn State will win by 20+ and Saturday will be Penn State's coming out party.  I think the Illinois game will be this year's 2005-Minnesota game. 

Now that all the fluff questions are out of the way do Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma get significant playing time?

Yes.  They are both back at practice and the Defensive line needs more bodies.  Look, suspending them for a quarter of the season is the correct response for their offense.  Neither will start but they will both be in the rotation.  How exciting would it be to see Evans on one side and Maybin on the other?  You can't double team them both.  I think that will allow them to get pressure and allow a linebacker to spy on Juice and keep him contained.

Lightening Round

Back in 2007, Illinois Basketball fans made my skull crack open in rage slightly angered me when they befouled the statue of Joe Paterno.  Do you hate the Illini like me or not so much?

I can't go so far as to say "hate".  I want to beat them a lot.  A victory will be sweet payback for last year and for the Paterno statue.

It's a night game please quantify the amount of alcohol you will consume before gametime (if you don't drink please quantify the amount of fatty foods you will eat).

The over-under on this has to be about a thousand beers.  I am, of course, shooting for the over.

Put it on the line – final score:

PSU:      35

Illini:    14


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