Friday, September 19, 2008

Blue-White Roundtable, Week of TEMPLE!

Zombie Nation made the list, I provide my answers below.  However, for competent, non-drunken answers; please turn to the following establishments.

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1. Penn State has the best scoring offense (55.3 ppg) in the Big Ten, and top-five nationally. Of course, this has been against two bad teams and a mediocre Oregon State squad. This week's Temple game should be another 40-plus game for the PSU offense. That being said, do you think this has been a fluke so far? Or is the Spread HD for real?

I don't think we know for sure.  The offense has looked great so far, however, the competition has been lacking.  Do I think that PSU could be this potent against Big Ten teams?  Yes.  However, I will reserve judgment until after the Illinois game.  Should PSU drop 35+ points on the Illinis I think it is safe to say that Penn State has an elite offense.

2. If Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma are convicted, what are the chances Joe Paterno will play either by the Illinois game? What message does it send to the team, and the nation, if both players are given light punishments? Conversely, what if the punishments are seemingly too severe, like dismissal?

Ok, back it up.  Evans and Koroma are not getting dismissed from the team.  They might miss Illinois, however, I think they'll be back for the Illinois game.  The kids have already been suspended for two games and it looks like they will not play against temple.  How much longer must they miss?  I think 1/4 of the season for a bag of weed is more than enough.  However, if Joe differs and demands they miss 1/3 of the season then I suppose that is fine too.

3. Leadership has been a huge part of this year's team's ability to move past distractions. Who has to really step up this week and keep this team focused? How does the coaching staff figure into this, or should they just let the players handle it by themselves?

Derrick Williams has been a great leader for the team and needs to continue to do so.  Howver, I think that Scirrotto needs to take a larger leadership role on the defense.  Sean Lee is still there around but is certainly not on the field.  Scirrotto needs to take over the leadership role on and off the field to keep guys focused.
The staff certainly figures into this, however, there is only so much they can do without help of senior leaders.

Lightening Round
Penn State throws its first interception this week?

Evan Royster's YPC vs. Temple? 

10.  Royster sees no action past the second quarter.
Coke or Pepsi?


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