Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Joe's Presser

Joe had his weekly Press Conference this week. This week in particular, there is a lot of questions about Joe and how he "feels" about coaching against former players. If you want to hear all the platitudes and niceties you can read them here.

Do early blowouts mean rest or rust?
All of a sudden we lost (Jerome) Hayes and we lost (Devon) Still. We had to do some things with a couple of kids who were a little bit out of line. Our line depth, is the one place that bothers me the most because of the way the game is played today. Your down guys have got to constantly keep pressure both on the run and the pass.
They've got to put their ears back and go on every play. They've got to chase people and do a lot of things over and over again. So if you watch, and Larry Johnson does a great job, the substitution pattern that we have, you don't see a lot of substitutions except on the defensive line.
Joe is not concerned about rust. The Defense is fucking thin on the line so every snap LJ can keep the remaining starters off the field is awesome. Lets be straight, it doesn't take 4 starters anymore. It takes at least 8 quality players to compete in today's college football world.

Why isn't D-Will returning all the punts?
If we get into a situation where we're not quite sure where they're going to punt it, they're kicking the ball from their own 45 let's say, you're not sure what's going to happen. So, I like a guy back there because they may throw the ball, fake the punt.
Michigan State really beat us on a fake punt last year. You're trying to get the best people in there for the situation, and Scirrotto obviously, being a defensive safety, would be better at reacting to passes and things like that. Plus, he has good hands.
Riiiiiiight. Unpredictability for D-Will and Defense from Scirrotto. Or is it that Williams has historically made poor decisions on whether to field punts close to the PSU end zone. Williams has shown himself to be dangerous on punt returns. I sometimes find myself screaming at the TV screen: "Let it bounce, D-Will! Let it bounce!" He almost never listens. I hear I might be drafted in the late fifth round as an armchair QB. I'm totally amped.

Are Evans and Koroma playing?
I don't want to talk about the second part of your question because it's not going to be helpful any way I answer it.
Joe is mum, however, FOS is reporting that the Centre County DA is deciding whether or not to file charges on our boys this week. At this point, I don't think that any charges are going to be filed and both will be back on the field against Illinois. Imagine how much better the Defense will be with these two back on the field. Scary.


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