Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Search Warrants and Marijuana Mean Trouble for PSU

The Daily Collegian is reporting that the Incident late last night was from a noise violation. Officers report that they smelled Marijuana which led to police obtaining a search warrant for the residence. Marijuana was found at the residence.

Also, no players have been charged but this is not looking good. The players who haven't been charged are:

"Evans, Wallace, Quarless and Koroma have not been charged with any crime, Moerschbacher said."

I mean, fuck! That is half the goddamned team! WTF is going on!

This raises a ton of questions. Does Joe suspend them all regardless of the criminal implications which, lets face it, should be minor.

What does this do to personnel?

Where is my depth chart! BATTLE STATIONS!



lifesrants said...

Of course he suspends them if they aren't kicked off the team. I mean was I the only one who saw the OTL Reports a few months ago? He almost has to regardless of what happens.

Quarless is nothing but trouble.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, another bogus attempt by JoePa to pretend to hold people accountable. Suspend them for a meaningless game or two, but reinstate them for the Big Ten games. And people wonder why these knuckleheads keep it up. Your want REAL change? Then, have REAL consequences for this.