Friday, September 26, 2008

USC Loss Stirs Buckeye Hopes

As you may have heard, USC lost to OrSU last night which is all fine and good. What is more interesting to me is how that loss is affecting the Big Ten race and more specifically how it this loss has rekindled the hopes of Buckeye nation.

The Buckeye Blog has a post up which seems to say that USC's loss has returned the possibility of playing for a national title to the realm of possibility for Ohio State. The argument is essentially one you've heard before: If Ohio State wins out and takes the Big Ten title then they could weasel there way back into the National Championship. Possible? Certainly. Likely, no. I'm not saying that the Buckeyes can't win out the Big Ten. Especially, if Beanie Wells returns at full strength from his mysterious foot injury. However, the Buckeyes are saddled with the Big Ten schedule left to play as well as the fact that their loss to USC looks even worse now. Just last week the Pac 10 was getting a beatdown courtesy of the Mountain West. Now, the Pac 10's lone standard bearer, who C-rushed Ohio State two weeks ago, loses to a two loss team! I don't see how this USC loss really helps the Buckeyes case to play for a national title. Guess what Buckeyes, USC isn't going to be playing for the National title either and they blew your doors off!

I think PSU can beat Tosu this year. I'm not going to go out and do something stupid and guarantee victory against a good team on the road. However, the Buckeyes feel it is their birthright to not only win the Big Ten but also to play for the National Title. It is that entitlement which sticks right in my craw. Familiarity breeds contempt and we are all plenty familiar! I can't wait for this game!

I am so fired up now! You want some of this? You shall get it, sir!

GO STATE! BEAT THE ILLIINIS ILLINI! (hungover blogging is not recommended) (and then the hated buckeyes!)


Anonymous said...

Hey JB - I think it's "Illini" or maybe "Illini's", but certainly not the "Illiinis".

Anonymous said...



I'm a Buckeye who agrees that loss by USC does nothing for us.

But if you're going to make an argument about the Buckeyes lacking this year and then guarantee victory how about you check your spelling first. Tard.

JB said...

Thanks for pointing out the typo. You are right, the insertion of an extra "i" completely eviscerates my arguments.

Jim said...

Now don't get carried away with Buckeye BCS hopes. A rematch in the Rose Bowl however...

But, the pollsters are giving us a much better chance by moving you guys to the top after those big wins over Temple and Syracuse.

No sense of entitlement here. Just glad to see a couple other Big Ten teams pulling their weight.

Although Wisconsin didn't help either of us this weekend did they?

Once again, I love the Penn State scenario developing. Penn State fans are building their "this is the year" scenario with dreams of BCS glory.

Tsk Tsk Tsk.