Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let The Smack Talk Begin!

BSD fired the opening salvo and really blasted bad Michigan team.

Maize 'N Brew has returned fire basically rehashing Penn State's struggles with Michigan over the last decade or so.

Where does TINNOMJ fall?  Funny you should ask.

I'm ready to get it on!  I've been waiting for this game since 1996.  I thought 2005 was gonna do it, however, Michigan played a great game and broke my heart.  Am I living in a state of terror about this Saturday's game?  Absolutely.  You can't lose this much to one team and not feel a little nervous about the game.  Michigan really seems to be rallying around the 2005 game.  They are using it as something to which they aspire.  There certainly are similarities between the 2005 game and this game.  However, there is also one major difference. 

This game is in Happy Valley.

Paternoville has formed.

This team remembers 2005.

This team is fired the fuck up.  They have everything to play for.



Jim said...

Wow, you had better not lose to Michigan. Let them get as fired up as they want. Take it from those of us who know, there is nothing more fun then ruining a Michigan fan's day.

I want you coming to the Shoe at the top of your game.

Hopefully, the Buckeyes will blow MSU out of the water and the Penn State/OSU game will be one for the record books.

JB said...


Right now I'm fired up for Michigan. But never fear, I will be more than ready to be fired up to beat the Buckeyes when the time comes.

It should be an awesome game.

Anonymous said...

A win is a win is a win.......Beat Michigan and run the table on the rest...Beating OSU at the shoe would be the sweetest thing.
WE ARE....