Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Paterno's Purdue Press Conference

If you want to read the whole thing you can find the transcript here.

There is a lot of stuff which I didn't find that interesting. Most of this desolate wasteland of questions are things like this:
Q. Purdue's defense has had a very difficult time against the run. When you see a situation like that, does it impact much of your game planning or are you to the point where you overstress that, or do you still try to maintain bounds?

I mean honestly. Did a retarded monkey ask this question? I wish they would identify the "asker" in the transcript so they can be mocked more easily.

Anyway, some of them were good.
Q. Could you evaluate the play so far of Josh Hull and Tyrell Sales? And how far ahead are they than some of the younger guys like Nate Stupar, Michael Mauti and Chris Colasanti?

Paterno: I think both Hull and Sales have played well.
It isn't interesting in that Paterno chose to defend a senior player. What is disturbing is that it appears that Paterno isn't planning on replacing these guys with younger players. It isn't odd for Paterno to want to play more senior players. We now have to consider that Hull and Sales are the BEST LBs on the team. A little scary.

There is also on odd section of questions with regard to leadership on this year's team as opposed to the team under Morelli. Joe, of course, doesn't throw AMMO under the bus. Joe seemed to like Morelli and believed in him. I, however, cannot accept that Morelli was the best option at QB last year. It isn't like Clark and Devlin got a ton of experience last year and developed into what we see now. The Morelli years are gone and Clark probably should have been the starting QB last year. Regardless, there is no reason to try to get Joe to say that Anthony sucks.

Q. How's your leg feeling? Are you going to be all right for Saturday? I

think I'm going to be all right. My leg doesn't feel great. You know, that's a long way, Saturday. But, yeah, I'll be okay. I tell the guys on the team there is a difference between being hurt and being injured. If you're injured we don't want you to play. But if you're hurt, you better get out there. Right now I'm hurt.

Joe is awesome. The man is in his eighties!

Sorry for the absence of lenghty quality posts. Work is keeping me busy.


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