Friday, October 17, 2008

Pre-Game Questioning With Maize N Brew

Dave over at Maize N Brew swapped some questions earlier in the week. You can check out my questions and his answer over at his fine website. He had some questions for me as well; you can find his questions and my answers below.
1. You're afraid of this game? Seriously? Why? We suck this year.
Yes, I am seriously afraid of this game. Michigan is rebuilding and have had their struggles this year. However, Michigan comes to Happy Valley with two very powerful factors on their side:
1. History, I think I was 16 the last time Penn State beat the Wolverines. The 2005 game just robbed me of all my bravado when it comes to Michigan.
2. You have nothing left to lose. This isn't a rivalry game for Michigan and your season has not gone as well as you had hoped. This team might just come out loose and fired up.
2. Name your least favorite Michigan player of all time.
You know, this would be a much easier question if it were about Ohio State, couldn't we all just rattle of a list of hundreds of those jerks?

I'd have to say: Chad Henne. Henne was in the same recruiting class as Morelli and Henne was actually a good football player. Henne presided over 4 years of besting PSU including the 2005 and 2006 losses which were both particularly memorable in their own way.
3. Please explain to me why it's called the "Spread HD". Is it "High Definition?" Is it "Hello Dave?" Is it for "Herpes, Deluxe!" What the hell is the HD for and why can't you just call it running the spread like everyone else?
It has to be because Jay is a Huge Douche! (I kid) I really have no idea why we need to make up the HD thing. It seems to be begging for ridicule if it weren't so preposterously effective. I mean, to say that your offense is a pro-ready spread offense is just a little to over the top. Jaypa should've just hung out a sign saying: I'd totally go anywhere with this offense in exchange for a head coaching position.
4. Has this season bought Jay Pa some credibility? A season ago, well, honestly for the last few seasons, PSU fans have been ready to run him out of town on a rail. Are people still calling for his head or is he now persona grata?
I think Jay is gaining credibility by the second. Through seven games the 2008 squad has a better offense than the 2005 Penn State team and is only averaging 5 points less per game than the 1994 squad(1994: 50.2/game, 2008: 45.2/game). When you put this team into that kind of perspective you are talking about one of the best offensive teams Penn State has EVER had.

At the very least, the success of this season has taken the pressure off of Jay and bought him more time. I'll be honest, if Penn State continues on this pace through next season, somebody is going to give Jay a head coaching opportunity. And he'll deserve it.
5. What's the biggest non-Morrelli difference in this team? You could've put a dyslexic midget in a clown suit at quarterback last year and probably had the same record. So if you can't pick Clark, who or what do you point to for the reason PSU is #3?
Evan Royster. He got a little playing time last year but this year he has really blossomed into a wonderful RB. He is averaging around 7 yds/carry and he is a major reason there is so much room for the WRs to operate in the passing game.
6. If Penn State wins, you will..
Celebrate! Michigan has owned PSU for too long for me to not feel great about a victory. I may even have a brew or two.
7. If Penn State loses, you will...
Drink to forget. Then spend the rest of the weekend sulking.

Thanks for the great questions, Dave!



Anonymous said...

You both have the Maize and Brew questions, and your answers up.

drozz said...

ive been jay-bashing this past decade or so. when MRob attributed his success to jay, i thought it was more not selling the coaches out.

however, i am starting to believe. let's see how we do these next few games.