Monday, October 20, 2008

PSU's Weekend By The Numbers


Nine is for the end of the losing streak Penn State has been on against Michigan over the last decade or so. This win feels really good. The Lions are now free to focus in on the Buckeyes for next week's game.

Thirty nine is for the number of unanswered points PSU put up on Michigan starting in the second quarter of Saturday's game. Michigan played well early, however, the early lead was because of costly turnovers. Despite an early deficit, the Lions continue to be incredibly cool and poised. The team stuck to the game plan and just ran their offense. The team clearly has faith in not only the offense but also the entire team. And now, so do I.

174 is for the number of rushing yards Royster piled up this week. Royster is proving himself to be an all purpose back. He can catch the ball, he can rush the ball, he can run inbetween the tackles and is dangerous in space. #22 has nearly 900 yards on the year, is on pace for over 1300 yards, and 15 rushing TDs. More impressive still is the fact that Evan hasn't been playing deep into games. He is a beast.

Three is for the Lions current ranking according to the BCS computers. A bad rating in strength of schedule was not enough to knock the Lions out of third place in the race for a national title. Next week's trip to Columbus is easily the most important game Penn State will play this year.

GO STATE! BEAT THE BUCKEYES! (I've been waiting a year to say that)

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