Thursday, October 02, 2008

Purdue: Fears and Focus

With all the hype surrounding this year's Nittany Lions it seems appropriate to list a few reasons to be concerned about this week's game against Purdue.
1. This is a road game and the Lions have struggled on the road against quality opponnents. Yes, Purdue is a "quality" opponent. They are a 2-2 team who could very easily be 3-1 if they had won a hard fought game against Oregon in week two.

2. Joe Tiller is wily and crazy. He will throw the ball 60% of the time which will put pressure on Penn State's secondary. This includes putting pressure on LBs who may have to cover slot receivers.

3. Focus. The Lions need to keep it. This is a game where, if they aren't careful, they might lose focus on Purdue. Think about it, the Lions just had a big emotional win against a Top 25 team. They face Wisconsin on the road next week. The team is starting to be mentioned in the national title picture. Could be a recipe for disaster.
Clark and Cadogan are going to do their best to keep the team focused.

Clarke (via The Collegian):
"[Joe Paterno] has a great deal of leadership on this team, both sides of the ball," Clark said, "and I think that's something we may have missed the past couple of years."
"The leadership, even though we have five designated captains, the leadership is coming from the entire senior class," senior and left tackle Gerald Cadogan said. "Everybody's pulling their weight, everybody's buying into what we have to do weekly throughout practice and really having our heads on straight and having the goal in mind that we want to win it all."

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