Monday, October 06, 2008

Purdue, Polls, and Possibilities

Evan Royster was the Nittany Lions offense against Purdue on Saturday. Royster's day was gaudy and, like I've said previously, worthy of making him a Heisman candidate. Consider the following:
Royster rushed for 141 yds.
(or 62% of PSU's rushing attack)
Royster received 53 yards worth of passes.
(or 24% of PSU's passing attack)
In other words, ER was 41% of Penn State's total yards.
Royster is a great player and if PSU is going to compete for a national title the Lions are going to need Royster to carry the load the rest of the way.

Thanks to Royster's efforts, the Lions are still #6 in the AP poll. We also got a sneak peak at Penn State's next two big games. Ohio State is not the dominant team the nation was expecting them to be, however, the Buckeyes are really starting to play will be right there with the Lions for the Big Ten Title. Wisconsin has dropped two straight games and have dropped out of the top twenty five in the AP poll.

Wisconsin's swift demise make's Penn State's trip to Camp Randall all the more intriguing. What Wisconsin team will show up? An inspired team fighting to salvage their season? Or a defeated team anxious to get off the field? Hopefully, we will get some clues as to Wisconsin's temperment over the next week.

In other relevant games for PSU next saturday:
Texas plays Oklahoma in what could be a National Championship elimination game.

Missouri has to face the high-scoring Oklahoma State Cowboys.

LSU has to face off against a pissed off Florida team in the swamp.
There are tough games ahead for four of the five teams ahead of Penn State. Of course, the Lions have to keep winning. But still, very exciting!


I am not alone! Not only am I not the only person who visits this blog but also there is someone out there who agrees with what I have to say!

I got an email this morning that there is a sight pimping our main man Evan Royster for Heisman! Good work, Ryan! You can find it below:

I'M FIRED UP! (and it's only Monday!)

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Anonymous said...

i think your math is wrong...

rushing: 141/202 (69.8%)
receiving: 53/220 (24.1%)
total: 194/422 (46.0%)

i used the espn box score, but it looks like the same #s as your link