Saturday, November 08, 2008

One Hiccup Only

Penn State started terribly going three and out and that was a good outcome. It could have been a lot worse, Iowa could have had a safety or the ball on PSU's two. After giving up a quick TD Penn State has looked good on offense controlling both the ball and the clock.

Iowa looked great during Penn State's first possession and then for their next two plays, resulting in a Greene TD. However, since then the game seems to belong to PSU. Iowa, however, is hanging in there and are still only down by 6 points (they will also get the ball to start the second half).

My favorite part of the first half has been all the direct snaps to D-Will. It isn't that PSU hasn't tried this before, however, it was always a pass. Now we have D-Will running the single wing and Iowa is powerless to stop it.

Oh, and PSU controlled the ball for over 75% of the first half.

I am fired up!


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