Monday, November 10, 2008

Picking Up The Pieces

Things went wrong for the Lions this weekend. Dropped passes, wild passes, and poor blocking were responsible, but what can the statistics teach us?

First and foremost, the defense played terribly on third down. The Lions allowed Iowa to convert on seven out of ten third downs. This is the beginning of a disturbing trend as PSU allowed Ohio State to convert on eight of fifteen third downs in late October. It seemed to me that PSU's blitzes were completely ineffective. Bradley will need to retool the PSU blitz packages and get the defense off the field for PSU to return to form.

I know DC is taking the blame, and he did only pass for 109 total yards on 41% passing, but PSU still had better numbers on offense. Bottom line, the PSU defense should have stopped Iowa on the final drive.

Now for some well earned wallowing. PSU fell in the AP Poll to #7 and #8 in the BCS. Which begs the question, WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN AS FAR AS A BOWL GAME?

Good question. PSU, MSU, and TOSU are all tied for first in the Big Ten Standings. PSU still has a chance to beat MSU but we would need TOSU to drop a game if the Lions are to take home an outright Big Ten Title. The similarities to 2005 are disturbing. Regardless, PSU still has a shot at the rose bowl or another BCS bowl should they win out.

Also, let us not forget that before the season we all thought 10-2 would have been an extremely successful season for the Lions. The Lions still have a shot at 11-1 and this season would still outshine our initial expectations.


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Mike @ ZN said...

With the loss to Iowa, it's a one-game season now... Michigan State...