Thursday, December 11, 2008

Examining the Devlin Situation

As I'm sure you've read Pat Devlin has officially left the program.  He is out, which was his decision.  He won't play in the Rose Bowl, which was Joe's decision.  BSD has a great post up about the situation.  I will toss in my two cents.

First, we should all be sad to see Pat go.  He was a big time recruit and it was great to get him to Happy Valley.  He was more than capable as a back up.  When Pat came into the game I didn't feel nervous about the situation.  It was certainly a luxury to have a back-up in which you had complete confidence.  I understand that Pat wants more playing time and lets all hope that the grass is in fact greener on the other side of the fence.  Good luck, PD.

Second, PSU hasn't lost a whole lot.  We lost a guy who was never able to break his way into the starting role at PSU nor does it seem likely that PD would have seen an increase in time next year.  It should also be remembered that this is the second time Devlin has changed his mind about what university he wanted to attend.  PSU was his silver medal and can it be said that he was ever truly happy with that decision?

Third, Devlin is not leaving PSU in the lurch for the Rose Bowl.  Yes, the Lions are now thin at QB, however, as stated above Joe made the decision that Pat wouldn't be on the Roster for the game.  This is a decision I completley agree with.

Yesterday, according to another source close to the team, Paterno asked Devlin if he had reached a verdict. The sophomore said he had not. Paterno made the decision for him, and by the end of the day, Devlin's locker was cleaned out.

via BSD

You don't wanna play next year?  Fine.  You are indecisive about whether you want to play in a huge, nationally televised game, against a great opponnent?  Fuck you.  You are gone.  Good job, Joe.  You are in charge.  Devlin wants to go, let him go.  I think this situation could be viewed as a microcosm of Devlin's time at PSU.  Talented?  Certainly.  Committed to the team?  Maybe not so much.



Matt said...

We will see how well that plays out in Pasadena.Clark will be leveled more than once....who ya gonna put in now Jaypa???

Mark said...

Yeah, I definitely can't agree with making the decision that Paul Cianciolo will be our backup against USC for a concussion-prone Clark. I'm also not sure how you think we didn't lose much. We HAVE to sign Kevin Newsome or Tajh Boyd now or else we're looking at Matt McGloin as Clark's backup in 2009, and McGloin or a true freshman as starter in 2010. Ouch. Big ouch.

InScoresofOtherGames said...

I don't think you can call a guy who has one concussion in his career "concussion-prone" yet.

I grant that it's a risk against what we are led to believe is a good defense in USC, and our o-line has struggled against pressure this year, but I would argue that any QB is at risk.

Anonymous said...

Clack has had at least 2 concussions, he also got knocked silly in the '06 Michigan game after AM was also concussed

Kevin McGuire said...

In all honesty I believe Paterno's decision to leave Devlin off the Rose Bowl roster was the right move. Yes it leaves the team thin at QB, but for just one game. It's not as if PSU is going to win the national championship anyway and with the time to prepare you know Penn State will have a solid game plan regardless.

I haven't been keeping up on recruiting (it's way too early for me to delve into that world) so I don't know what's going on in that respect now. It seems to me though PSU has some work to do!

Kevin McGuire said...

The offensive line is still solid so I'm not going to get in a tizzy on the thought that Clark will get knocked out. That's just foolish!

JB said...

I will readily concede, as I did in the posting, that the loss of Devlin leaves the Lions thin at QB. However, before Devlin left I wasn't banking on Devlin winning the game for the Lions.

I think some posters are correct in saying that Clark has had two concussions in the past. However, they were over a year apart. I think he will be fine against USC.

I just don't think it is the worst thing to get a 2nd string, malcontent, no commitment, QB off the team. Call me an old-fashioned, Joe-loving, kool-aid drinker if you must. Joe made the right call.

GM said...

Personally I feel that if Clark can't get it done against USC the backup surely isn't going to no matter who it is.

And if the offensive line is not protecting the qb and Clark gets hurt how would Devlin do any better? If Clark can't get away from the pressure no one is going to either.

bill said...

I disagree with most posters here....Clark is surely an athlete who has played well due mostly to his physical ability.....but absolutely terrible in the mental game. Devlin was PSU's once in a (my) lifetime shot at getting the five star pro style Quarterback. He should have starded from day one. Paterno's seniority rule has killed us for years. When have we ever had a three year starter ? Never. Thats why we did not get Pryor and Henne. It is why we only got one year of Robinson.

Bill PSU 88