Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Evans is Going Pro

FOS's front page (not to give away "pay material") is reporting that Maurice Evans is going to leave for the Pros this year. This comes right on the heels of Project Mayhem declaring his eligibility for the draft. The Lions are officially out of known quantities at Defensive End.

It is surprising that big Mo is leaving the Lions as his well publicized tryst with sweet Mary Jane kept him off the field for 1/4 of the year and in Joe's doghouse for the entire season. Logic would tell you that Evans would want to come back and have a dominant senior year. This would not only allow him to maximize his draft potential but also avoid the dreaded "character issues" which have plagued so many other talented players.

If the rumors are true, so long Maurice. Thanks for the great play and the hard work. Good luck to you sir.


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