Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Condolences to Ohio State

Welcome back to the fold.  You suck just like the rest of us. 

You put up an excellent fight only to be bested in the final seconds by a very good Texas team.  I'm glad I stayed up to watch the whole game.  This also has me really pumped up for OU vs. UF.

If it taught us nothing else, Monday's game showed that the elite teams in each conference are generally evenly matched.  Is Texas vastly better than Ohio State?  No.  Did Texas prove that it deserved to be in the National title game ahead of Oklahoma by beating a 2-loss Buckeye squad on a last second play?  No. 

I will concede that the Big 12 south was chock full of great football teams this year.  The Southern division was the best division in college football hands down.  However, does that mean that Big 12 teams are light years ahead of the rest of college football?  No.  Might they be better?  Sure.  But they aren't light years ahead.



Paterno Lives! said...

I like your sense of common sense, but unfortunately I don't think we can expect the same from ESPN and the rest of the super-awesome MSM.

And one more thing: what's with the partial RSS feed? It's ruining my excuse-to-not-work rhythm in the reader.

JB said...


The partial RSS feed is because I have been having other sites hijack my feed and republish it on his site upon which he gains ad revenue. In an effort to cut down on this blatant piracy I was forced to the partial RSS feed.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Don't stop reading!