Thursday, April 02, 2009


It has been fun to watch the the NCAA tournament and Penn State's run to the finals of the NIT.  However, the big dog on the block has started to stir with the coming of the 2009 spring practice.  Players are hitting the sleds and everyone is getting anxious to get into pads and make somebody pay.

Paterno seems to have fully recovered from off-season hip surgery but has been left steaming from the loss USC handed to the Lions in the Rose Bowl.  Clark and Sean Lee recently gave the following quotes to Bob Flounders of the Patriot News:

"[Quarterbacks coach] Jay [Paterno] told me that Joe was really upset about that game,'' Clark said today in State College.

"We came back and we went right back [to work],'' Lee continued. "This is probably the longest winter workout that I've been a part of. ... I think [Paterno] didn't like the way we went out.''

Speaking of Clark and Sean Lee both players will be back for their final year at PSU and both will be the leader on their respective sides of the ball.

Clark is thinking big during spring practice this year saying:

"Anything's possible," Clark said. "A lot of people counted us out last year, and we shocked a lot of people. But we didn't shock ourselves. We knew what we were capable of doing."

This despite the fact that Clark will be dealing with a brand new offensive line and an inexperienced wide receiving corps.  Some of the photos floating around out there show a Clark who looks visibly bigger and stronger and is really starting to LOOK like MRob did in 2005.  Clark isn't nearly as explosive as Robinson was, however, with a year of experience under his belt Clark will definitely be a bigger offensive threat than Mike was, at least, as long as these young receivers hold onto the ball.

The Sean Lee Man Crush is back in full effect.  The gritty, hard-hitting MLB is back at practice and is clearly ready to kill a man.  The only bad news is that the only people Sean will be folding up, in the short term, will be other Lions.

"I know if I had to play, I could play tomorrow. They might just be being cautious.''

"I'm going to find a way, probably, to hit at some point,'' Lee continued.

"You know, 7 on 7 drill, wide receiver catches the ball, we've got pads on, I gotta hit him.''

This is what I am talking about.  I am officially fired up for the Blue-White game!



Mike @ ZN said...

Welcome back! That was one hell of a long spring break.

JB said...

Yeah. When I party I REALLY party.