Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The WRs and Chaz Powell

Editor's note: This was going to be part of a larger post evaluating several positions to look for during the Blue/White game.  However, work is really kicking my ass right now so the post has been shortened into what can fairly be described as a fan-boy-fluff-piece about Chaz Powell.  Enjoy!

The Blue-White game is coming up this weekend so now is the time to talk about what we want to see out of certain positions and players.

A lot of what we want to see is the development of the young wide receiving corps and the equally young defensive secondary.  The young WRs are tall and fast and but have seen limited action over the past few years. There is also a lot of chatter about Chaz Powell moving to the role that D-Will held last year.  The possibility of seeing more, a lot more, of Chaz Powell is something that you should be getting very excited about.  Check it out:

Powell lead the team in average yards per: Run, Reception, and Kick Return!  CP averaged 9.2 yards per rush, 18.5 yards per reception, and 28.8 yards per kick return.  This kid is one of the most explosive players on the team and hopefully we will see him get a lot of action this fall.  The Blue White game could be a  coming out party for CP just as it was for Stepfon Green last year. 

I will now take you to a happy place.  Picture this, Penn State lines up with Moye, and Brackett at the two WR positions, Powell in the slot, Royster and Green flanking Clark in the shotgun.  Think of all you can do with this!  My personal favorite would be to motion Green into the other slot position or overload one side and let Clark read the defense for a great matchup or to just hand the ball to Royster now that the defense is spread extremely thin.  Will we see this in the spring game?  Probably not, however, we probably won't see anything this complicated until 5 games into the season.




LetsGoPennSt said...

While I like him too, it's way too soon to start citing Powell's stats. The 18.5 avg per reception is based on a grand total of TWO catches for 37 yards. While he may have rushed 8 times for 74 yards, take away one 55 yard gainer and he's left with 7 carries for 19 yards, which is an average of only 2.7 per carry. That's not even factoring in the likelihood that much of his game action was during garbage time.

Let's see how the kid does, we could certainly use him.

JB said...

You are certainly correct, sir. However, you can't fault a kid for producing big plays even if it is confined to a limited number of touches. This year will be telling.