Thursday, April 30, 2009

WTF is Going On With The Women's Tennis Team?!?!??!

You may or may not know (I certainly did not know) that PSU has a relatively new tennis coach.  Dawna Prevette was hired back in 2007 and things seem to be going well early on.  The gritty Texan seemed to be bringing a tough, hard-nosed attitude to tennis.

Much seems to have changed in the last two years as the Collegian is now reporting that she might be a power obsessed lunatic who will suspend or dismiss players with only the slightest provocation.  The accusations are just about the oddest things you've ever heard of.  For example:

1.  A player alleges Prevette misled her during the recruiting process.
2.  Kicking players off of a team for "lack of eye contact"
3.  Suspending players for removing a slice of pepperoni from a slice of pizza.

I mean, what the fuck is going on with the women's tennis team??!?!?!

When collegian reporters spoke with the coach this is, apparently, what happened:

"If they don't want to work hard and be competitive and fight and improve, then maybe this isn't the place for them," said Prevette, who denied the story about Zobeideh's suspension before asking a Collegian reporter to leave her office.

I get the impression that the coach might not be that warm and fuzzy, which is fine.  But to suspend a player for taking a slice of pepperoni off of her own pizza?  For dismissing another from the team for lack of eye contact?  You would have to be a crazy person to believe that these are acceptable reasons to discipline players.

I don't know what is going on her but it certainly isn't good.

Remember, keep that fucking pepperoni on your pizza or Coach Prevette will fucking kill you.


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