Monday, August 24, 2009

The Lions

Penn State football is close.  I can feel it in the water.  I can feel it in the Earth.

The Lions will be good this year.  Probably not great, however, I'm not willing to rule out unbridled excellence because of how the schedule starts.  The first three games will be pushovers, this will give a young offensive line and secondary the opportunity to get a little experience and come together as units.  With three games worth of experience it is entirely possible that the Lions come together just in time for the meatier part of their schedule.

Akron is going to get hosed.  Penn State is going to beat Akron without mercy.  The Zips may score 17 points, however, the Lions are putting up at least 55.

Greg Paulus is going to have to leave the game with internal bleeding after Sean Lee knocks bats him to the side like a kodiak bear knocking salmon out of the stream.  It is possible he won't survive the game.

Temple will probably be ok.  I like Golden as a coach but he won't have the talent to hang with PSU.  However, it will be a great tuneup for Iowa the following week.

These first three games could get the Lions into fighting shape.  Should that happen, watch the fuck out Big Ten.


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