Monday, August 10, 2009

PSU Gets Social got a new face today. It still has the same great videos and behind the scenes access, however, now the site has a Twitter interface.

PSU has made a concerted effort to make members of the staff more accessible through Twitter. Everybody has seen or at least has heard of Jay's sorties into the world of Twitter and, as far as I'm concerned, Jay's tweets are great. Now it seems a lot more of the staff is tweeting, we don't just have to limit ourselves to Jay's insights we can also follow:

Kermit Buggs: KBuggsGoPSF
Larry Johnson: rushmengopsf
Tom Bradley: TomBradleyGOPSF

Not all the coaches are as active on Twitter as Jay, however, it is just interesting to see such a concerted effort to get the coaches out there. Twitter is a great way to communicate to fans, and even to recruits, without having to rely upon the media. I think it is great if the coaches are actually going to tweet somewhat regularly and will provide some interesting insight.

I would love to get a hold of any Players' Twitter accounts. If anybody has those please send them along.

I could not be more excited to get news about practice and how Sean Lee has been crowned the Warrior-King!


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