Monday, August 31, 2009

The Roster: What Does It All Mean?!??!?!?

The official game roster for the start of the season has been released. Sure, it tells you what players will play what position and what the coaches think of each player relative to one another at each position. However, it leaves you with a nagging question; what the fuck does this all mean? Honestly, Chaz Powell is a back-up WR and is returning kicks but not Punts (Astorino is)? A.J. Wallace is still backing up Timmons at DB? Newsome is the backup QB.

First, and easily the most interesting, is Chaz Powell. Chaz Powell is the heir apparent to Derrick Williams' title of "Mr. Versatility". Powell has literally taken the #2 now that Derrick used to wear, he lined up at WR, RB, last year. Now, with D-Will, gone, will he morph into the multi-purpose threat that Williams was? What does the Roster tell us? Powell is backing up Brett Brackett at WR and is also listed at returning kicks, however, Astorino, is returning punts.

Look, Powell is going to play. He is explosive, dynamic, and potentially game-changing but maybe he isn't the best decision maker. The answer seems clear: Chaz can make things happen but he probably doesn't make the best decisions. Decision making skills are particularly critical when returning punts. At one point last year it seemed like if D-Will were returning punts it was either going to be a fumble or a big play.

AJ Wallace is clearly still in Joe's Dog House for not having good grades and as soon as he gets himself together academically he will play.

What most of us assumed during the spring has been confirmed, Kevin Newsome is the #2 QB. This is good news for a number of reasons. First, Newsome can make things happen with his legs just like Clark can so the offense won't have to adjust philosophically if Newsome has to come into a game. Second, how exciting is it to have a true freshman QB who you are pumped to see get a little time on the field to prepare him for next year? If I could get Clark back for yet another year I would, however, I think Newsome will really benefit from getting to be behind Clark for a year while still getting a little playing time.

I am pumped for the season to begin!


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