Thursday, December 31, 2009

Capital One Bowl Predictions

My good friends over at BSD have their Outback Bowl picks up on the big board.  All three have PSU winning by at least eight points and Mike and Kevin have PSU winning by at least 10.  Generally, these three fellows are very level headed, however, in this instance it seems that the Kool-Aid has been spiked and it has sent them spinning into madness!

In short, I think this is just a little bold, amigos.  I just can't see being super excited if someone laid the line of the game was set at PSU -7.5.  I, personally, would not take that action.  However, should you offer up PSU -3 I would be inclined to take you up on that.

I think that we will be treated to a defensive contest that will result in neither team reaching twenty points.  I think both teams will probably give up 1 big play. More likely than not, PSU will give up a big play on special teams.  Both teams will score, however, inconsistency on the offensive line for both teams will prevent either side accruing several scores.  Really, whichever team's O-line plays better will be the winning team.

PSU:  17
LSU:   13


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