Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Will the Lion's Fare?

The off-season has been thankfully quiet which has left us with little to talk about since the Blue/White game. However, now that the preseason magazines are out it really has me thinking about expectations for this year's season.

What can and should we expect out of the 2010 Lions? The Lions certainly have a tough schedule with three intimidating road games. One must also remember that the Lions have a number of unknowns coming into this year; QB and offensive line being the most glaring. This is not to say that these areas will be weaknesses, however, we simply do not know what we will get.

Which leads me to ask, how many games will PSU win this year?

Eight wins is a very safe bet with up to nine wins being a good year, ten wins being a great year. Likewise, PSU has a real potential to win six or seven games. So, cast your votes to so we can see where the Blue-White Faithful stand.

How many games will Penn State win this year?
6, already on the ledge.
7, a bit of a Eeyore.
8, I've accepted my fate.
9, fired up!
10, Drinking the kool-aid!
11, nothing can stop us!
12, Screw you, I LOVE PSU!
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Anonymous said...

You don't have to be drinking the Kool-Aid to believe this team can and will win ten games. All they have to do is beat the 9 teams they should beat and pull one upset, and honestly, beating Iowa wouldn't be much of an upset.

JB said...

You are correct that if the Lions win every game they are favored in and pull one upset they will win 10 games. However, that is presupposing that a team with an inexperienced QB and an offensive line that is unproven will really play well.

That said, I certainly think the lions could win 10 games, however, I think it is more likely that they settle in at 8-9.

Anonymous said...

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