Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Chuggler

I guess this thing wasn't invented yet when JB and I were in school, but it is effing incredible.

They call it The Chuggler and it is genius. The site bills it as the Ultimate Evolution of the Funnel. It is like your own personal mini-funnel. In my day, we would just buy a funnel and some clear tubes and just pass that around. With The Chuggler, you get your own mug that you don’t necessarily have to chug from — but, if someone demands it, the option is there. The tube just kind of detaches from the side of the mug, and you lift the mug above your head and...well, Chuggle your beverage of choice on down.

Perfect for tailgating. "What, it is time to go up to the stadium? But I just poured a fresh Lager. Oh, wait, I forgot...I have the goddamn Chuggler!" *Chuggle* *Chuggle* *Chuggle* "Thanks, Chuggler!!"

Please go to the site, it is ridiculous. Over 25 pages of user-submitted photos of people chugging the hell out their drinks. I point out though, that in the top right corner they make it very clear that the Chuggler is “Not to be used with alcoholic drinks.” This is what the website looks like:


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