Saturday, September 06, 2008

Initial Thoughts on the OrSU game....

I wanted to get some thoughts out right away. Don't worry, there will be a more detailed breakdown on Monday.

I'll get this off my chest, EVAN ROYSTER FOR HEISMAN!
Evan Royster has yet to play a full game, however, he has rushed for 205 yards on only 25 carries for 6 TDs! This means Royster is averaging 8.2 yds/carry and 24% of his carries are for Touch Downs! Royster looks like an absolute beast!

Clark looks great at QB. He has yet to commit a turnover in two games, he is completing nearly 68% of his passes and has shown that he run like a keg of Lager barreling down a flight of stairs. He will be PSU's starter for the rest of the year. Best of all, he looks calm in the pocket. Wow.

The Defense seemed to respond well.

2-0, baby! I am fired up!


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