Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The New Polls Are Out: Thanks For Nothing Or. State!

After the glory and insanity of week one, the greatest sporting minds of our generation have gathered again and reached a newly updated consensus on what they think of the college football world

Penn State managed to wrestle its way up to 19th in both the coaches and AP polls.  I thought it was going to be another spot or two higher because there were so many big upsets this week.

The biggest change the AP has Alabama going from 24th to 13th!  All this for beating a Clemson team who they know list as being unranked!  It just boggles my mind.  Why would you be so high on 'Bama if you were now convinced that Clemson was crap?  Also, why did Clemson drop out of the top 25 for losing to a (now) top 15 team on a neutral field?  The coaches managed to hold their shit together a little better as they only bumped 'Bama up to 17th.

In terrible news, Oregon State is not only not in the top 25 but now they are not even getting any votes!  Thanks for nothing.  This sets the Lions up for a lose-lose situation next week as the Beavers with something to prove and nothing to lose roll into town. 


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