Friday, September 19, 2008

PSU Cruising, Tosu & Troy In Dogfight

Penn State got off to a slow start as the Owls held the lions scoreless for the first quarter. The Lions looked flat and sloppy. The early portions of the game were marred by mistakes and missed opportunities.

The second quarter, however, was markedly different. The Penn State offense remembered that they were allowed to score as they put up 28 31 points in the second quarter. Fuck, 31 points in a quarter? PSU thy name is explosivo!

I am getting the Tosu vs. Troy game on the Big Ten Network.

Pryor is starting and he has looked downright brilliant on a few plays. The Buckeyes have found their QB for the rest of the year. I shudder to think how good this kid will be in two years. Despite Pryor's flashes of brilliance, the Buckeyes are only up by 3 at home to Troy.

Is Beanie Wells the lynch pin to this team? Are they merely average without him? Did the USC game crush the spirit of Ohio State?

Interesting....Very Interesting!


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