Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Should PSU Be Worried?

I don't know about the rest of you but I am feeling fat, happy, and completely apathetic to this weeks game against Temple.  This worries me to my core.  If I am feeling like PSU is going to steamroll the Owls into two dimensional pancakes then I can only imagine what the players on the team are thinking.

This week sets up to be a classic trap game for Penn State.  The Lions have dominated their opponents in each of their three games this year.  Also, no game has been close even early in the contest.  Next week PSU starts Big Ten play as Illinois rolls into town for the Lions first test of the season.  Could the team be looking past Temple to the Illinis?

I know i'm feeling dangerously fired-down this week.  The team has been playing exceptionally but has been doing so against sub-standard competition which has left me feeling really apathetic this week.  How are the rest of you feeling?  Am I wrong to be worried about Temple?


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Unknown said...

Penn State will win, no problem. Temple may hang for a bit, but does anybody really think Temple's defense is going to slow down PSU's offense for four quarters? Probably not.