Monday, March 13, 2006

ESPN has nothing original to say about Penn State!

ESPN has an article up called A Spring Look Around the Big Ten and the article has this to say about PSU:
When Penn State's offense struggled in 2004, fans clamored for Joe Paterno to dump Michael Robinson and insert true freshman Anthony Morelli. Now that Robinson is gone and Morelli's time has arrived, he's no longer the fans' flavor of the month. That role falls to incoming freshman Pat Devlin, who decommitted from his verbal to Miami when Larry Coker made wholesale staff changes.

Who is clamoring for Devlin? Is there anyone who thinks Devlin is in a better spot to start than Morelli? This is news to me. What is not news is that ESPN would rather create controversy around PSU than show the team for what it is, a unified football family!


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