Saturday, March 11, 2006

JB's Take On The 2006 Season

9/2 Akron (Home)

Tune up. However, it is a key time for Morelli to get more game time snaps and for the offensive line, with only one returning starter, to get some experience.

Prediction: PSU: 41
Zips: 10

9/9 Notre Dame (Away)

Looking a little ahead to next years schedule it is easy to see a couple of games which jump out at you. Of course, the early test at ND is a giant game, not only is it a game early in the year against what will be a very good ND team but also a tough out of conference road game. Brady Quinn is back, as is Jeff Samardzija (I don’t know who that is) because of ND’s still potent passing attack the Penn State secondary will need to be dominant.

Prediction: PSU: 27
ND: 24

9/16 Youngstown State (Home)

Pray nobody gets hurt before traveling to the shittiest town in the universe.

Prediction: PSU: 48
YSU: 6

9/23 Ohio State (Away)

I cannot say enough to degrade one of the worst college football programs in the universe but this is still going to be a giant game. A key to last year’s game was the Defense completely shutting Antonio Pittman down. For 2006 a much depleted PSU defense needs to stop Pittman as well as stop Troy Smith: “A poor man’s Vince Young …” There is, of course, Ted Ginn who is deadly when returning kicks. Which has been a soft spot in the PSU Defense. All things considered, if the defense can stop the run it will give the offense the chance it needs to succeed.

Prediction: PSU: 21
OSU: 20

9/30 Northwestern (Home)

Basanez is gone, but Sutton remains. Sutton was really impressive as a freshman last year, however, because the passing game will suffer without Basanez Sutton will have to run against more 8-9 man fronts. While not as dangerous as they were last year, it will be critical for PSU to stop the run in order to avoid a let down game.

Prediction PSU: 31
NW: 20

10/7 Minnesota (Away)

Laurence Maroney is gone (not that he could run against PSU last year). But it is a conference game on the road so it is still a big game. Although, it is still hilarious to remember the lick M-Robb laid on that guy last year! Easily the greatest hit a quarterback every gave anyone.

Prediction: PSU: 28
Minn: 17

10/14 Michigan (Home)

Ok, payback is a major bitch. I go to school with a lot of fools from mich. And I would like nothing more than to trash these turds. Mike Hart is a cause for concern, however. It will be a tough game and I expect it to be close. However, if PSU can stop the run and run the ball themselves PSU should come out on top. (oh, no extra 2 seconds will be awarded this year!!!)

Prediction: PSU: 33
Mich: 31

10/21 Illinois (Home)

Hahahahahahahaha. Ooooh man. Illinois is not good. Not good at all. After all, it is Homecoming and everyone loves a big win for Homecoming!

Prediction: PSU: 67
Illini: 24

10/28 Purdue (Away)

Purdue experienced a down year last year and there is nothing to indicate that there is going to be a big turnaround this year. However, it is an in conference road game and Purdue is not a terrible team. It will be important for Penn State to remained focused and not look ahead to Wisconsin.

Prediction: PSU: 34
Purd: 17

11/4 Wisconsin (Away)

Traveling to Wisconsin means that this will be a big game down the home stretch. The kids are fired up, though I do not know where the whole “Jump around” thing came from. Did that just start a year or two ago? Anyway, Barry Alvarez will be gone but Bret Bielema will get the Badgers ready to play. A stalwart Offensive line, led by Joe Thomas (2005 All-American at left tackle). In the end the PSU defensive line and linebackers will have to play very well and win in the trenches in order to win the day.

Prediction: PSU: 27
Wisc: 22

11/11 Temple (Home)

Poor temple. They do try but clearly this will be another game where the key is to get the win and keep everyone healthy.

Prediction: PSU: 59
Owls: 20

11/18 Michigan St. (Home)

The Spartans are always a tough opponent and this year’s game for the Land-Grant Trophy will be a tough win. The Spartans have lost two assistant coaches to the NFL as long as several players. The Spartans had a tough road last year going 5-6, even though the team is less talented I wouldn’t be surprised if the results were the same.

Prediction: PSU: 35
MSU: 20

(Do I realize that I have predicted PSU going 12-0 and this is a Penn State Football blog so I don’t care!)


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