Thursday, April 27, 2006

10 Things You Didn't Know About PSU Football

10. Poz is really a bear.
9. D-Will will catch more balls this year because of his new crazy robot arm!!!!
8. King's fingers are actually tiny football-magnets.
7. Joe's glasses allow him to see the future.
6. Tony Hunt becomes enraged by the colors scarlett and gray.
5. BranDon Snow is incapable of feeling pain.
4. The team doesn't have pride stickers on their helmets because getting to play for PSU is enough.
3. Morelli threw a football through a guy in spring practice. Yeah, THROUGH a guy!
2. No one has a picture of Timmons because he is too fast for photography.
1. Joe Paterno invented football, perfected it, then God convinced Joe to teach him the game. (Crappy-Pride-Sticker-Free since 1855)

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