Monday, May 01, 2006 Boggles the Mind has put out an early top 25 and it is mystifying. ohio state is #1, how that happens I have no idea. How does a team which lost two games last year and just lost several players in the draft get ranked #1? What does osu have? Antonio Pittman? A completely untested defense? How does that get you the top nod? I am not saying PSU should have been ranked #1 but putting osu there is a slap in the face.
The Lions were ranked 19th, not where I would have put them but at least they are on the list. I would have put PSU at 10. The Defense will still be solid and Morelli should shine as long as the offensive line can perform. This is a defense who lost a lot of secondary players, however, PSU's best defensive player (Poz) is back where osu's best player aj hawk-turdman has gone on to the packers.
My guess is that the fuckeyes will have two losses after Penn State leaves Columbus.

Fuck Ohio State!
(Get ready to see a lot of THIS you ohio freaks!)
Go State!! Beat the Fuckeyes!

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