Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Does Anyone Play Football at Notre Dame?

Jeff Samardzija, a ND wide receiver, has signed a deal to play for the Cubs. Reports are the deal is for 5 years and $7.25 Million. Just a little while ago Tommy Zbikowski, a ND Safety, fought and won his first professional fight. All of this is great for these kids but it makes me wonder; does anyone play football at Notre Dame anymore? Clearly, no one at Notre Dame is interested in focusing on football. In fact, cries of "I renounce football in favor of playing shuffle-board!!!" echoes through campus and off the golden dome.

Why is ND so tough? This is a team revived, certainly, but some of its star players have other things going on besides football. ND also lost two games last year, both of them at home, so is touchdown Jesus really that big an advantage for the domers? Lets hope not!!!

Check out PSU upsetting then #1 ND in 1990!

Go State!!!

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The Brewer Patriot said...

eat it, notre dame. i love college football.