Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pre-Season Rankings

I have been jonesing for some real football news, of course, there isn't any so I bought a magazine with pre-season rankings and meaningless predictions. Needless to say, it is exactly what I'm looking for! I have a number of different topics to gripe about and they come in no particular order.

Conference Rankings
The conferences were ranked as follows: 1. SEC 2. PAC-10 3. BIG 12 4. BIG TEN
I think you see where I'm going with this because I'm not going to list anymore of the conferences. Now, I'm not a pure Big Ten whore and I'm not demanding that the Big Ten be number one but lets be honest number four is an insult. I can live with the SEC being #1. I don't like it but I'll live with it. The SEC is tough from top to bottom but the PAC-10 and the BIG 12 are better than the BIG Ten? PLEASE! The BIG 12 has 3 good teams and they are all in the South division. I can't even list everyone in the PAC-10. USC is in the PAC-10 but is there anyone else even worth mentioning? No.
MY adjustments: 1. SEC 2. BIG TEN 3. (whoever you want)

Inside the BIG TEN there are tons of rankings and awards, I'll touch on a few notables:
Best pre-game Atmosphere: ohio state
COME ON! Their stadium is crap and so are their fans. Do they boil up some buckeyes? PSU's tailgates are epic. The RVs start arriving on Thursday and don't leave until Sunday. My guess is that the buckeyes were only given this award because PSU so plainly deserved the next award.
Best Home-Field Advantage: PSU
This one is pretty clear.
Hardest Hitting Linebacker: Paul Posluszny
What they fail to mention is that Paul is really a bear!
Fastest DB: Justin King
I think JK is even faster since he changed his number to #1. Is PSU's secondary going to be a liability when they clearly have some big talent at that position?
Best Blocking Back: BranDon Snow
BranDon is a mountain of a man... a mountain that runs at you and then inflicts its will on you!
Best Defensive Coordinator: Tom Bradley
Bradley's giant brain is boiling over with schemes for, what will come to be seen as, a stacked defense.

The BIG TEN teams:
The rankings go: #1. OSU 2. Iowa 3. PSU 4. Michigan 5. Purdue 6. Wisconsin 7. Minnesota 8. Michigan St. 9. Northwestern 10. Illinois 11. Indiana.
I don't really have too big a beef. Ranking OSU #1 is an offense to free thinking men everywhere but aside from that it isn't terrible. Penn Sate, I'm sure, will be at the top of the list come the end of the season.

Biggest Slam In The Article:
There is a section where a Big Ten coach offers his clearly lame opinion. Amongst other things, he uttered this blasphemy:
"They brag on LB Paul Posluszny and compare him to some of their past greats, and that says a lot, be he isn't even close to being as good as (former Ohio State LB) A.J. Hawk was."

My....Good...God. Jim Tressel if you didn't think that we could tell it was you I have sour news for you! I don't really understand this logic. So, A.J. Hawk is better than Paul....Than why did Paul win the Bednarik award? Hmm, that is a tough one. Better luck next time Tressel.

All in all it provided something for me to be fired up about!

Obligatory Pic of PSU's Excellence


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