Saturday, July 08, 2006

Conspiracy: The Big Ten's Hate of PSU

I was moseying around some sites today when i came across this little gem of a website and it got me all fired up about 1994.....again. PSU got royally screwed in 1994 when the huskers were voted #1 when PSU was clearly the best team in college football. As it turns out, Big Ten voters completely abandoned PSU when it came time to cast the vote. Check it out....(pay extra attention to Pittsburgh, what a bunch of Pitt-loving-losers)
Note the large amount of husker red throughout Big Ten country. You might be thinking to yourself: "So what? Competition in the Big Ten is pretty fierce and PSU did beat tosu by 49 pts and there is no love lost between a lot of those teams." Well then feast your misguided peepers on THIS!!!!!!!! (a map of the Big Ten voting for michigan from 1997)

Note all the love for those Ann-Arbor-Whores! Even through Ohio, and PA! There is no love for Penn State in the Big Ten. So, lets get fired up and take it to these jerks again this year!!!!

I was at the PSU vs. Neb game on 9/14/2002. I sat with my bro, Stu, on the 50 yd. line in the student section. It was possibly the greatest PSU game I ever attended.

We Are!!!!!


PSUMike said...

Let it go, man. It's time to move on.

I was at the '02 Nebraska game too. Greatest live sporting event I ever attended...until the '05 OSU game.

JB said...