Thursday, July 06, 2006

Trash, Absolute Trash!

This comes via Penn Live, ESPN has a poll....and it is complete bullshit! If you haven't noticed yet, I'll shed some light on the subject; PSU Is not on the short-list of "what is great about college sports! This is bullshit. Last year PSU was named the best spot to tailgate in the Nation and PSU is not on the list! Check it out, right fucking-here! I just don't see how PSU is apparently one of the best places to tailgate in the country, even Herbstreit says we have the "best student section in the country" and we still aren't on the list? I call bull shit on this!

Look at how far field of cars and RVs stretches! You can not tell me this is not one of the greatest places to go to see a college football game!!

We Are!!!!!

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PSUMike said...

It is pretty outrageous that we are not an option for any of the questions.