Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lift For Life

The Lift For Life is taking place this Friday at Holuba hall, tickets are $10. But is anyone that desperate for PSU football to pay $10 to see players lift weights and giant tires and other stuff? Ok, of course there are...and I may be one of them. Regardless, players will sign autographs from current and former players which will be extremely sweet. If interested check out their website here. The way it works is the Lions break down into teams of four, for me, the favorites seem clear:

We Are Legend
Kanuch, Jim
Posluszny, Paul
Shaw, Jim
Shaw, John

#2 (much love for the grads!)
Lift For Life Team #19
Lowry, Calvin
Robinson, Michael
Zemaitis, Alan
Rice, Matthew

BEST TEAM NAME: (an easy winner)

The Blouses
Coakley, Brennan
Landolt, Dennis
Shuler, Mickey
Harriott, Willie

Go State!! Lift them weights! (or giant tires....whatever)

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