Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vegas Love????

ESPN has no love for PSU, and, as previously covered, neither does the Big Ten. It begs the question, what does Vegas think?

Lines of Note (To win the National Championship):

PSU: 35-1 (A little high, way worse than tosu, and mich., but why so far behind? What do those teams have that PSU doesn't? Best LBs in the country? Oh no, wait, thats PSU!)

Notre Dame: 9-2 (holy crap those are good odds, ND ain't winning a nation title this year. They have to play PSU and mich, at home back to back, at MSU, at GTech, and closing at USC)

5-1 (I have no idea why osu is considered that good, bet against! Is there any proof their defense won't suck this year....other than their say-so?)


200-1 (no, that is correct)

West Va.:
10-1 (an easy, and i mean easy, schedule gives them a good chance to go undefeated)

200-1 (a little harsh, but a new head coach to replace Alvarez leaves a lot of questions)



PSUMike said...

For some reason Penn State is the team the media loves to forget. That's fine with me. Let them doubt. Last year we weren't even ranked in anyone's preseason poll. Let them think we are double digit underdogs against ND and OSU. It will only motivate our team and fans.

Ashburnite said...

Wait...WVU has 10-1 odds and PSU has 35-1 odds?? On what planet does WVU have a better team??