Friday, July 21, 2006

Miami = Classy

I noticed this story on and decided to check it out and I was richly rewarded. Check it out:
Miami Hurricanes reserve safety Willie Cooper was shot in the buttocks when confronted in his yard Friday morning by an unknown person who fled after another player returned gunfire.
HE RETURNED GUNFIRE! Even though the article goes on to explain that the other player (Brandon Meriweather) used his gun legally. BUT MY GOD! HE HAD A GUN AND FIRED BACK! That is how you know you are running a classy program; when a player can, at random, return gunfire.

This is how it went down:

Absolutely classic Miami.

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Anonymous said...

lol he fired back...and your sorry ass would've been shot and probably out for the season's not about the program at miami, it's about living in the real world...and attending a school in a city versus the middle of nowhere